Doing our bit for the planet is important to us, and important to our clients, customers and tenants. We are committed to decarbonising our buildings to reduce our own environmental impact but also to support those who use our buildings for work, life, and leisure, to reduce their own carbon footprint. Over the past few years in particular and after COP26 was held in Glasgow in October 2021, Carling Property Group have doubled-down on our own green ambitions.

We are committed to reduce the environmental impact of all of our buildings, implementing and installing new renewable energy sources, and carbon-reduction techniques, with immediate effect. We are reviewing the full spectrum of eco-options from energy harnessing (solar, wind and air), energy storage (batteries and power walls) to deployment of harnessed power including electric vehicle charging points. We have also completed internal and external wall insulation works, switched inefficient lighting for LED alternatives, and we’re not stopping there. Keep your eyes peeled for more green initiatives and a few electric Carling cars, which will be delivered to us soon.

If you, or your business want to speak to us about the steps we have taken to decarbonise our buildings, get in touch with us directly.

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